About Us

The Muscle Car Factory is a restoration shop that specializes in factory type frame-off restorations. We build the cars from start to finish.

My name is Blake Adams and I am the owner and president of The Muscle Car Factory and Goodfellows Paint and Body Inc. When I was 13 years old I purchased my first car, a 1971 Chevelle. I read everything I could to teach myself how to restore it. I established my business in 2006 and operated under the name Goodfellows Paint and Body Inc. which is now the name of my collision shops in Ravenna and Kearney.

A love for muscle cars and a reputation for factory type restorations brought more and more demand for these types of projects to our shop. We knew then our niche in the market was muscle cars. The Muscle Car Factory, Inc. was born and Trade Marked in 2018.

View our current projects in the shop or our previous projects to get a sense for the work we love to do. We also have some of our in-house projects listed for sale from time to time. To stay updated with our projects and for-sale listings, like us on Facebook and follow our page.